Deep analysis of the production process using software and algorithms, as well as 3D modeling software.


The total cost of a product is determined much more than the component price. through a comprehensive review of the product and the value chain, we identify areas with potential savings and reduced total cost of ownership.


■  Product analysis in a perspective of feasibility and cost optimization.

■  Opportunities to simplify and automate the industrial process further by adapting the product.


We have worked with multiple logistic models for our customers, including VMI solutions. With vendor-managed inventory, we facilitate communication and ensure the correct inventory levels.

Fast Prototyping

We are organized to quickly build prototypes in close conjunction with customer.

Measuring and Testing

 ■  Dedicated areas with specific latest-generation instruments.

  ■  Non destructive controls  such as magnetical, liquid penetrant, hardness tests etc.


■ To simplify operations for our customers we offer Assembly Services  for sub groups and complex parts.

■  This means that our customers can reduce their amount of suppliers and have a higher of the products they source from supplier.

■  By making group prioritizations, we can always ensure on-time deliveries with highest possible quality.

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